Puns List For "Apple"

Rhymes for Apple word

Pun List Source Of Pun
gangnam apple Gangnam Style
le apple Le Rappel
rudi apple Rudi Kappel
computer apple Computer file
huub apple Huub Stapel
john apple John Appel
pigeonhole apple Pigeonhole principle
old apple and new apple dates Old Style and New Style dates
kenneth apple Kenneth Appel
Why do golfers wear two pairs of pants?
In case they get a apple in one!
Manipulated rhyme words hole
second war of apple Second War of Kappel
bram apple Bram Appel
tony apple Tony Chappel
arnold greenberg apple Arnold Greenberg (Snapple)
adam apple Adam style
richard apple Richard Appel
frederick apple Frederick Kappel
equivalence apple Equivalence principle
black apple Black hole
johannes bodaeus van apple Johannes Bodaeus van Stapel
australian apple Australian rappel
harm apple Harm principle
the apple knife The Subtle Knife
trevor apple Trevor Chappell
dave apple Dave Appell
st george's apple windsor castle St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle
wilhelm apple Wilhelm Stapel
alonzo apple Alonzo Chappel
architectural apple Architectural style
What's every vehicle's favorite apple of dance?
Manipulated rhyme words style
steve apple Steve Chappell
kalk apple station Kalk Kapelle station
generalized apple polynomials Generalized Appell polynomials
apple apple festival Apple Scrapple Festival
fujita apple Fujita scale
billiard apple Billiard table
lady apple Lady chapel
empire apple Empire style
Whats the difference between a woman in church and a woman in the bathtub?
One has hope in her soul, the other has soap in her apple.
Manipulated rhyme words hole
greg apple Greg Chappell
round apple Round Table
weighing apple Weighing scale
dunmore apple Dunmore Pineapple
heinz apple Heinz Kapelle
Γ‰douard apple Γ‰douard Dapples
diederik apple Diederik Stapel
bill apple Bill Chappell
pentatonic apple Pentatonic scale
archimedes' apple Archimedes' principle
chain apple Chain rule
andrew apple Andrew Appel
william e. apple William E. Kapelle
operation apple Operation Grapple
kirkpatrick apple Kirkpatrick Chapel
markovnikov's apple Markovnikov's rule
doug apple Doug Chappel
electron apple Electron hole
sistine apple Sistine Chapel
big apple Big Pineapple
usns apple USNS Grapple
summer apple ep) Summer (Subtle EP)

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